Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Foggy Clarity of it All
Last night while I was running across the street running errands for work I felt okay about living in DC for the first time. I know its not forever, but it is for now, and I totally want to embrace it and discover all there is to this city. 

Speaking of which, I have been hearing about this boutique, Dekka, recently so I stopped by after work today to discover that they had very little men's clothing :( but very cool artwork for sale! :) I have been thinking recently about getting a nice poppy piece of art for my room. I tend to collect all things old and I need bold color and new, fresh design to blend with the old.
Speaking of which, I FINALLY went to the thrift store, and spent a quality amount of time there! (Im going to pull an Oprah here) I found some amazing things peoplllleFirst off, I found some fun little things for a themed care packag(i love that shit! I should start a care package business on the side!) that shall remain nameless because it is a sorpresa. Among the other things I found:

This Gin bottle had my name written all over it! I mean, its only my favorite hard liquor...I believe I uttered a holy shit or two upon finding it.

A little yellow basket to liven things up a bit and to coordinate with all the blue things going on in my life. I'll find something to store in it...

An amazing cylindrical lampshade (because the lamps were too damn 'spensive for what they were) to make a lampshade [pt. 1]

And finally, an amazing vase of which to make the base for the lamp [pt. 2]

Oh yeah...did I mention that everything was HALF OFF cause it was Memorial Day!? Its officially a new holiday tradition in the family, seeing as how I went with my brother (who found a vintage seltzer siphon!)

Anyways, sorry for the delay in blogging, but Ive been so damn busy! Working 2 jobs and trying to find time to hang out with a few friends. I mean, I havent been out in SOO long! Something that has GOT to change, and soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring/summer!


the CoR said...

I'm pretty sure care packages are your spiritual gift.

Lauren Ashley said...

i agree with Cor and I am coveting the gin bottle

Desirae' said...

Kent you really do need to embrace the poppies. For so many reasons. 1) you spent some time with them last summer in the South of France 2) They bring joy to hearts all around 3) Yes, they will provide you with the perfect color your missing!


smokinintheboysroom said...

I just had to send this to you because I thought it was hilarious and I think you might as well

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