Friday, March 06, 2009

Insomniacs Theater
What better time to update my blog than when I am lying awake at 5am! My sleep patterns have been INSANE lately! I seriously need to get some melatonin in my system, cause I don't see this panning out too well :( I have a couple things for ya'll:

1) I have been a baking fiend lately. I suppose that is what happens when you have a brother and a dad born on the same date (and when you are the only baking-oriented person in the family). Earlier this week I made a grapefruit cake just for shits. Okay, maybe I shouldn't refer to those things baad. Anyways, I just LOVE grapefruit and had more than a few to try it out with! The cake was delicious! It was a poundesque cake with a grapefruit cream cheese frosting. Next time, I will definitely skip that frosting and switch to a grapefruit glaze or a simple, sweet cream whip. And tonight in honor of my brother, (who dies when he eats java chip ice cream) I made a java chip ice cream cake complete with a homemade brownie crust! It was also delicious, my friends! Now if I can keep up with my exercises...check!
Next up: (even simpler) chocolate malts, because they are my dad's favorite!

2) I admit it; I started reading Twilight. The verdict thus far: I like it! Of course, I AM a sucker for all things pop culture and a ginormous fan of the Harry Potter series (duh!). I find that the author has a strange way of saying things/phrasing every once in a while, and I have found several errors, but the way she describes the pacific northwest is the best! It makes me excited to go to Portland this summer! One of my bests is getting married there this summer and while I am there staying with the best people ever (Queen Tina and The Bear) we are going to have a Ryan Gosling movie marathon because we have decided, particularly upon seeing his last two films--Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl, that we will see anything that he is in. I mean c'mon, remember when he was Young Hercules??? Wow, this has become quite the tangent. Twilight is good...check!

3) As promised, here is my new (and first) nephew! Rakasta El...but don't quote me on the name...he doesn't have a birth certificate yet because he was born at home in a tub! Yep...he's a granola baby, and he is beautiful! I can't wait to see him grow up! Plus, he has the BEST wardrobe ever, and so long as I can keep sending stuff, he should remain in tip top :) I mean, he has a little leather aviator! Man, he is a stinkin' cutie even though he cries all the time! If you couldn't tell he has quite an interesting mother...naming him Rakasta, not wanting to set him on any semblance of a schedule, and having a home birth with a dull-ah! He will sure grow up in an interesting home and I cant wait to whisk him away and try on the uncle role. So exciting!

P.S. I have been obSESSED with Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun, which can be heard in my playlist below. Sorry if you have already heard it 1,000 times, but what can I say...its spring and I found it inspiring! Hasta!


kelly ann said...

first, i wish you could send me some of your bakestries... damn it.

second, your little granola baby nephew is darling, and i have no doubt his wardrobe is fab.

third... oh twilight. ooohhh twilight. i was one of those that said i would never ever get into it.

lies. i am totally a fan. i saw the movie last year and was hooked. i then read all four books. they're insane and weird and kind of awesome.

Emil said...

this makes me miss you!!!

Scott said...

as a diagnosed insomniac i am highly offended at your belief that melatonin is a cure for it. it is so weak. i can take a whole bottle then stay up for 3 days.

however ill forgive you for being the only other male i know that likes twilight.

thomas said...

your nephew is adorable!!! i love babies...

Layla said...

i love him