Saturday, March 07, 2009

Random... I am currently catching up on the Top Chef Reunion that I missed this past week and I flipped the channel during one of the commercials and there was an informercial for Curve Control Jeans on the next channel. Holy hell! I did not know Mom Jeans were still being quasi-legitimately sold. Here is one of their testimonials.

I'm not trying to be a whiney bitch or anything, I just can't believe that stuff like this is even marketable anymore. Particularly after SNL has made it so blatantly obvious circa 2002.

That's all, just a random blurb. Happy saturday--hope you are enjoying the unseasonable but wonderful weather!


the CoR said...

I saw that commercial like a week ago and I was like, "OMG. They're mom jeans!!!" Unfortunately, no one who had ever seen the SNL skit was anywhere nearby to share the moment with me. I tried to explain it to yarby, but I think you had to have seen the original.

Johnny G! said...

I think i am ready to be done.
Maybe not right this minute, but by may i will be.

i'm just about spent.
Not so excited for the struggle to find a job though.

kelly ann said...

that is one of my favorite snl videos.
so funny.