Friday, March 20, 2009


For the first time since having my blog, I have been avoiding it because I know what my next entry would behold. The latest revelation of unbalance in my life.

So, a friend of mine usually asks me if I want to drive up and stay with her when she goes to visit home in Long Island. This weekend was her birthday. Every time, until last weekend I have either been too frazzled or busy to go with her. But I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my life in DC and in general so I thought this might be a good opportunity for me to get away, meet a good friend's family, and come back feeling refreshed. I came back feeling a lot of things, refreshed certainly not among them. So we stay with a friend in Philly overnight and arrive in LI at about 3pm or whatever and proceed to meander, go out to dinner with her family, and then meet up with some of her friends later. We went to this really cool place called Painter's and although it felt a little like a frat house complete with LI meatheads and gotti hotties, it had amazing artwork and, um, amazing tasting drinks. And the plot thickens. So, my friend had warned me ahead of time that their drinks were toxic, but I hadn't had a really good drink in a while, so I decided to get the Painter's Punch. First (delicious) mistake. I was tipsy upon completion of one lousy drink! When I got to the table with my second drink...I had made it about half way and my long yoga arms fell wrong and knocked it over (probably for the better). I was feeling quite tipsy awkward and out of place so it was probably good that we left to go to some pub, Dublin Downs, I recall? It was even worse here, man am I a sore thumb or what? Anywho, after our pit stop we approach the bar and get a round of shots. At this point I am still aware of what I can handle and tell myself that I can have one more drink. So I get a Stella and close my tab, oh yeah, I had told myself that I wasn't going to drink beer that night...second mistake. So, I was drunk at this point, but totally coherent and had I not accepted the following drink I probably would have been fine, but I reached out for that third mistake and partook all too passively.
I awoke the next morning soaking wet in the my friend's parents guest room. Wondering why I am soaked and with what I catch a wiff. Vomit...and my mouth drops. what the hell happened? I am thinking. So, I change my clothes and go back to sleep, too embarrassed to think about what potentially went down. I wake up again at 11 to my friends mother baking her birthday cake (which I was supposed to help her with). I text my friend and ask what happened last night and she gets the scoop, to my dismay. It appears that when we left the pub, not only did I puke before getting into the car, in my friend's friend's car, and getting out of the car, but I puked all over my friend's bedroom floor. Did I mention that the Painter's Punch was red? Yeah, kool-aid red. Her mom woke up and tried to get up the stain to no avail. A couple questions I now ponder:

1) How absolutely selfish and self-centered can I be?
2) I come to celebrate my friend's birthday with her family and completely and literally disrespect them like this?
3) How irresponsible am I? Could I not have been the person who was in control of the situation and look out for other people?

My friend's parents said they were not angry and that they were not going to let this distract from the birthday celebration weekend, but I could not escape the lingering truth that I ruined not only my friend's birthday weekend, her parent's carpet, and other things; but I tainted her familial relationships somehow. Ahh.

To say the least, I was and still am mortified and disgusted with myself and my deplorable actions. Where does the damage control even begin?

In the spirit of this blog post, please visit so that you may forget what you have just read here. No comments necessary.

P.S. is anyone else getting sick of the music here? I'll start working on a new playlist soon enough.


dominica scibetta said...

(sigh) ...your good, dont worry, although I could use this to my advantage and get whatever the hell i wanted as reparation.

smokinintheboysroom said...
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My Life As Of Late said...
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My Life As Of Late said...

oh dear. at least you are ok! there are worse things one could do :)

thomas said...

i feel bad for you.