Monday, March 23, 2009

Bulletins, Buttons, and Beauty Queens
Here is the project I've been working, rather, finished a while ago, that I have been meaning to post. I love retooling things for useful purposes. In college I found an old speaker in my friend's alley and turned it into a cabinet for candles, coins, and other nick-nacks. Here is my latest project:



sorry for the crappy pics, but y', the story. My sister used to work for redbull and was invited to this crazy house party and the guy was trying to hit it n quit it, so instead of letting him, she stole this picture he had on his porch...of Ms. America 1993, Leanza Cornett. I think it is the greatest thing she has stolen, so instead of having Leanza stare at me while I sleep, I turned her into a bulletin board! so anyhow...thats all I got! Lates!

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My Life As Of Late said...

Crafty! Martha would be proud.

also, loving the new music!