Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, I have been helping a (best) friend with her wedding invitations for the big day this summer and have been looking up things all over the place! I gotta admit, I love it--there is so much creativity involved. So I have been looking everywhere from etsy to marthastewart to find helpful tidbits and inspiration for her. So here is a hodgepodge of things that have been inspiring about the whole thing and/or she is using in her wedding:

her idea for table center martha

stamp for rsvp postcards

cool looking programs...gotta love typewriters

one of the invitations they're looking at

who knew paper bags could be so classy?

the victorian venue itself!

dafting on the dance floor...need i say more?

On a completely different side note, DC is finally offering some good dance parties tonight! I will be at all of them! I have been craving dancing so bad lately! Laterrrrr.


the CoR said...

It's too bad you don't get to be a bride, Kenty, seeing as you enjoy all this stuff. I'd trade you places any day.

kelly ann said...

!!!! i want to use a typewriter for my future wedding invitations and programs. brilliant.

oohhh kenty, i miss you dancing in the bridge.

Kent said...

hahaha! nice corri...yep, ima crafty bastard :)

kelly- I miss me dancing in the bridge!...and you of course!

thomas said...

i helped my best friend plan her wedding-from picking her shoes to cake tasting to flower choices. it was so much fun!!! everywhere we went, people thought i was the groom. lol! be prepared.

Kent said...

i suppose its a good thing that i am helping from afar then...she's on the west coast!

the CoR said...

See, even if I WANTED to read Twilight, I feel like I would be embarrassed to buy it or check it out at the library... though the libraries around here do have self-checkout which allows for a certain degree of anonymity. but what if I turn it in late by accident, and then they start calling me over a loudspeaker like, "CoRri Vaughan, graduate of Vanguard University, owner of blog The Corrigan and resident of such and such street, you have apparently become so engrossed in the saga of Twilight that you have racked up a $25 late fee. We demand that you give it back immediately or we will send Edward Cullen himself to glitter or dazzle or glamour or whatever the hell vampires do, maybe not in Twilight but at least on TrueBlood, until you give it back." Whew. Scary thought. Both being chased down for something so embarrassing, and the idea of True Blood and Twilight crossing over into one super addiction. Anyway, that was a long rant simply to say, I don't know if I can bring myself to read Twilight.