Monday, February 16, 2009

Running Status: dismal

Dear Dears:

I am very disappointed that I have not been sticking with my training schedule. I need a boost...already. Why is it so effing difficult for me to get into shape? or to, at very least, run regularly? Again, I express disappointment, but then again, tomorrow is a new day! I am going to rise in the morning and schedule things and accomplish. I need to make some kind of commitment and stick with it...even if said commitment is a relationship (((gasp))). Oh, and I need a wing man. Thanks blogger.


PS, I saw Gran Torino tonight with Domin, it was worth a few good laughs.


the CoR said...

What the? Wesley... wingman? Relationship?? What's going onnnnnnn?!!! (picture the most distressed CoRri face you can, like when someone sneaks up behind me and grabs my puff without warning)

the CoR said...

O RLY? Welp, I'm just gonna take that to mean that I have free reign to attempt to set you up with whomever I see fit. Let the games begin!

catherinecarmen said...

1. you have female wingmen, make it work.

2. He's Just Not that Into you... it was a good movie. not great. just good. some females have referred to it as enlightening, I thought it was more so a mimetic type of film that really didnt throw anything new out into the universe.

thomas said...

i love running!!! just not good at it.