Sunday, February 22, 2009

List of tabs I have open in Safari right at this moment in time:

-paper source (not only an obsession of mine, but I'm helping a friend with wedding stuff)

Speaking of Martha Stewart...has anyone seen that show Whatever Martha on FLN? It is SO good...although I get the feeling the co-host, Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt is a really big liar. Just an inkling. Alexis Stewart, on the other hand, is the best...and a cougar. I said it.


Layla said...

you are the motha fuckin bomb

thomas said...

yes i like that show and love your observation of it.

Kent said...

i would definitely host a show where i sit on the couch and watch television and make fun of it (i.e. Mystery Theater 3000, Whatever Martha, et al.) but its a clever concept nonetheless!