Monday, February 23, 2009

Guess what day it is??
National Banana Bread Day!

How did I know this?
A tweet from Foodimentary told my this great tidbit. This is the full-length, unabashed blog.

So here is what I did about it!
Et Voila! Pain de banane! In regular and with a Cashew Streusel.

P.S. one of my fails is that I can't take good pictures. It is why I usually leave that to other people...


Emil said...

how convienient....i just bought bannana bread flavored oatmeal

kelly ann said...

you know what's funny.
i don't like bananas, but banana bread is freaking YUMMY.

thomas said...


Kent said...

and what is better than banana bread?? Zucchini bread! I cant wait for summer!