Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mash the &@#% Up!

Alright ya'lls. I have been a very bad blogger, so I wont be surprised if no one reads this anymore. I cant promise I'll be updating super often as I would like, but hopefully this post will be inspiration enough. And the topic of todays post will be dedicated to one important issue: mashups.

I cant get enough of them lately! There is a radio station in the DC area that plays mashups from like 10 to 12 on Saturday night that's pretty decent, but what started it all was Glee. My new fave show. Hands down.

In honor of my new found passion, I have compiled a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello world!

Life has been so busy but so good to me lately! I have several little treasures to share with ya'll, but first things first.

My new favorite obsession is textsfromlastnight. It is freaking amazing, people. Just as a little appetizer, here are a few of my favorites so far:

(260): I don't know how to say this, but I think you're a fucking bitch and the sooner you die I'll be happier.
(260): Sorry- wrong number! :)

(334): The only thing I've had to eat today was the half eaten sausage biscuit I found on my chest when I woke up this morning.

(503): I just pulled a feather out of my vagina.
(503): I am not joking.

(858): in retrospect, sexting while high was a mistake - I meant to say "I'll fuck you stupid, baby" but of course I said "I'll fuck your stupid baby"

(323): You got in a fight last night?
(818): Yeah! Some dude in the bathroom...he was standing there and I notice he's got the same shirt as me on so I'm like...dude you should have called me, we look like idiots...he didn't say anything...so i got pissed and hit him...completely decimated and my hand was all bloody and covered with glass afterward...weird dude, never saw him again that night or since.
(323): Um...Did this guy happen to look almost exactly like you?

Sorry, some of them are a little grody, but i think that is part of the humor. That's right, I'm a dirty bird. :/

Anyways, hopefully, you will be seeing more of me on here! Tah tah.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry Gang! it has definitely been a while since my last post. I apologize for that. Sometimes life happens and I am unable to update. So in honor of the fact that I am not ignoring my blog anymore, I am going to reenter blogspace a little easy by updating you on my celebrity sighting list (as much much much has changed!)

1. Cato Caylin
2. Susan Sullivan {Greg's mother from Dharma and Greg}
3. Ron Jeremy
4. Jael {from America's Next Top Model}
4. John Ashcroft
5. Will.i.am
6. Danny Masterson
7. Barney Frank
8. Dennis Kucinich
9. Nancy Pelosi
10. Elizabeth Dole*
11. Spike {from Top Chef season 4}
11. Gerard Butler

12. Jeff Fahey {pilot from Lost}
13. Chaka Khan
14. entire cast of American Idol 2009
15. Serena Williams and her little dogs too!
16. former Senator Norm Coleman
17. Anna Kournikova
18. Nacho Figueras {polo player/Ralph Lauren model}
19. Carla Hall {from Top Chef season 5}
20. Matt Dillon
21. Keshia Knight Pulliam
22. Adrian Fenty {DC Mayor}

Who knew that moving to DC would make this list explode!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Foggy Clarity of it All
Last night while I was running across the street running errands for work I felt okay about living in DC for the first time. I know its not forever, but it is for now, and I totally want to embrace it and discover all there is to this city. 

Speaking of which, I have been hearing about this boutique, Dekka, recently so I stopped by after work today to discover that they had very little men's clothing :( but very cool artwork for sale! :) I have been thinking recently about getting a nice poppy piece of art for my room. I tend to collect all things old and I need bold color and new, fresh design to blend with the old.
Speaking of which, I FINALLY went to the thrift store, and spent a quality amount of time there! (Im going to pull an Oprah here) I found some amazing things peoplllleFirst off, I found some fun little things for a themed care packag(i love that shit! I should start a care package business on the side!) that shall remain nameless because it is a sorpresa. Among the other things I found:

This Gin bottle had my name written all over it! I mean, its only my favorite hard liquor...I believe I uttered a holy shit or two upon finding it.

A little yellow basket to liven things up a bit and to coordinate with all the blue things going on in my life. I'll find something to store in it...

An amazing cylindrical lampshade (because the lamps were too damn 'spensive for what they were) to make a lampshade [pt. 1]

And finally, an amazing vase of which to make the base for the lamp [pt. 2]

Oh yeah...did I mention that everything was HALF OFF cause it was Memorial Day!? Its officially a new holiday tradition in the family, seeing as how I went with my brother (who found a vintage seltzer siphon!)

Anyways, sorry for the delay in blogging, but Ive been so damn busy! Working 2 jobs and trying to find time to hang out with a few friends. I mean, I havent been out in SOO long! Something that has GOT to change, and soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring/summer!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So...Im updating ya'll!

My most sincere apologies for not blogging more, its just that, well, life has taken precedence over my blog and my internet usage. Huzzah! Anywho, I would like to take the time to catch up and tell you what's been on my mind.

I have been super busy working working working--to which I am totally grateful for. I overheard a woman on the street the other day say, "I'm really busy, but that is a great thing to be now..." I liked it. Anyways, I have been working full time for a boutique hotel in midtown and filling in from time to time at a friend's friend's boutique. I have also finally started to meet people in DC and it feels great. I finally see myself here, by no means long term, but for the time being, I am finally enjoying the city--exploring new areas, meeting new people, being more friendly and humanistic...

With the weather like it has been lately (NOT the rain and the chilliness today) I have been thinking a lot about summer in the city. I LOVE the idea. Its hot, its balmy (my least favorite weather descriptor), and people are still working hard, but they are starting to play hard too. Its like everyone gets frisky and even though they maintain productiveness in their everyday lives, they make more time to just sit on the patio and sip on {favorite summer beverage of choice} a nice gin cocktail.

Wanna know who inspired me to think about summer in the city? 
her. and namely her mumu (and the attitude it packs).

For me, it isn't summer in the city until the lady in the mumu comes out. She's hot, quite possibly sweaty, and the city is her domain. She may be found wearing a head wrap with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth carrying a A/C window unit. She inspired me to put together a new playlist and to go explore more places to hang out and dance. These are just a few of the reasons why I love the lady in the mumu.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

So sorry for being a bad blogger. I have lots to update, such as a mini mini triathlon, trip to my homeland...ahem...MN, job stuff (ugggh), and wedding trip plan [changes]. Oh and, nostalgia--sleep overs, and well, being back in my homeland...laterrrrrr.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holy Shit Babies!

I mean, if it didn't look good enough...Arcade Fire? Spike Jonze? Screenplay by Dave Eggers? Music by Karen O?